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Prevost 100th


A Century in the Making - Clarisse’s Journey  

For years, André Turmel, a grandson of Eugène Prévost, dreamed of recreating the first Prevost coach ever built. As our centennial approached, the Prévost family, spanning three generations of Eugène's descendants — including children, grandchildren, grand in-laws, and great-grandchildren — devoted thousands of hours to researching, modeling, building, and outfitting this replica.

With her dark green exterior, snappy black trim, and gleaming wooden interior, Clarisse has now traveled more than 3,000 miles across the United States.  

Clarisse's Journey

Goodlettsville, Tennessee

On Jan. 25, Clarisse made her first stop at 800 S. Cartwright St. in Goodlettsville. Employees, customers, and local dignitaries got a firsthand look at the replica and celebrated 100 years of Prevost's history and innovation.

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Winter Garden, Florida

On Feb. 15, Clarisse made her second stop visiting our service center at 1300 Green Forest Court in Winter Garden. Employees, customers and local officials gathered to celebrate Prevost's growth and innovation through the decades.

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Fort Worth, Texas

On Feb. 22, Clarisse made her third stop visiting our service center located at 15200 Frye Road in Fort Worth. Attendees spent the afternoon learning about Prevost's rich history, growth, and innovations.

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Mira Loma, California

Clarisse journeyed from the desert plains of western Texas, across the mountains and mesas of the American Southwest, following the iconic Route 10. Her travels brought her to Mira Loma, California, where customers, employees and special guests spent the day exploring Prevost's history, growth and innovations.

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Calgary, Alberta

Clarisse has covered many miles on her journey so far. She’s traveled through California, crossed the desert of Nevada, rolled through the canyons of Arizona, and past the vast landscape of Utah to make her way north. Passing over rivers, mountains, and farmland in Idaho, she entered Montana’s Rocky Mountains and green forests before arriving at the next stop on her journey: Calgary, Alberta.

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Mississauga, Ontario

Embarking on her epic journey across North America, Clarisse wove her way through the open plains of Saskatchewan and Manitoba, arriving at her next stop: Mississauga, Ontario. There in the vibrant pulse of city life, Clarisse was excited to meet customers, friends, and employees at our service center in Mississauga to celebrate Prevost's 100th anniversary.

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South Plainfield, New Jersey

Clarisse made her way from Mississauga, traveling through the bustling urban atmosphere and scenic lakeside views of Lake Ontario. As she headed southeast, she passed through the picturesque Niagara Falls before continuing to her next stop: South Plainfield, New Jersey.

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Greensboro, North Carolina

Clarisse made her way south through the mountains of Virginia, crossing into the Piedmont in North Carolina, arriving at her next stop: Greensboro, North Carolina. Here, Clarisse attended a special event for Volvo Group North America's Greensboro-based employees to see and explore Prevost's 100-year history.