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Hit the Road with Pride


#1 driver
preferred coach
Design timeless
Power with
fuel efficiency

An Optimized Passenger Experience

An Optimized Passenger Experience

The elevated ride in the spacious and quiet cabin provides passengers Prevost's exclusive Cloud One ergonomic seating, exceptional panoramic views with generous cabin space, isolation from noise and vibrations, personal light and temperature control, plenty of storage and cargo space, entertainment options and electronics charging.   Comfort and safety are built into a stable and secure ride that only the robust Prevost foundation can provide.

Comfort designed for passengers
460ft3 cargo space
Quiet luxurious ride with panoramic views

Drivers Prefer Prevost

Optimized Operation, Safety and Comfort

The roomy driver’s environment is ergonomically designed and provides the kind of long-distance comfort and fatigue-free operation that makes an all-day journey a pleasure. For generations, professional drivers have celebrated Prevost coaches for their unmatched ease of drivability, precise and secure dynamic qualities, and superior ride characteristics. 

#1 in driver satisfaction
Ergonomic cockpit and controls
Solutions drivers demand

Ultimate Power & Fuel Efficiency

Powerful, efficient and clean

Those three words embody the essence of the Volvo D13® engine. The D13’s efficiency, power, and light weight improve operating costs while meeting, or even exceeding current EPA regulations. The 435hp engine delivers excellent low-end torque and responsiveness with minimal noise and vibration.

D13 EPA compliant
Volvo D13 engine
435hp with diesel
particulate filter
1700 engine torque
rating (ft.-lb.)
Testimonial Video

"This coach offers not only the passenger comfort that the tour and travel industry gets to experience but we also have tremendous under floor baggage capacity. The Prevost coach is just the leader in this regard." 

Terry Fischer, President

"The Prevost motorcoach is a big reason for driver attention--actually, bringing in drivers. They've seen the vehicles, they've heard great things." 

Hadley Boss-Fisher
Niagara Scenic Tours

"Our drivers absolutely love the powertrain combination of Allison and the D13 Volvo engine. Also, the back-up camera is a new feature we find extremely helpful." 

Hugo Gilbert, Owner & CEO

"I wanted my customers to have the best scenic views and Prevost was the obvious choice to provide that feature."

Larry Hundt, President
Great Canadian Coaches
Bus Video

Exclusive Comfort and Style

Exclusively from Prevost, Cloud One seating  combines style and comfort with uncompromising safety. Prevost did their research, conducting seating clinics evaluating seating size, comfort and positioning. The result is an upright position that is comfortable. Headrest and seat belt locations are adjusted to accommodate even tall passengers, avoiding back and shoulder strain.  With great lumbar support and an adjusted seat pan, passenger fatigue is reduced during long trips. Prevost has combined premium materials, accents, stitching and piping to give every seat option a stylish look and feel. 

Prevost Driver Assist

Prevost Driver Assist fully integrates radar, camera and brake technologies for motorcoach applications. Driver Assist integrates adaptive cruise control with braking (ACB), following distance alerts, frontal collision mitigation, stationary vehicle braking, lane departure warning and provides a heads up display on the dash.

Revolutionizing the Driving Experience

Prevost provides tools to the driver that makes the job easier.  Prevost eMirrors minimize blind spots and increase drivers' field of view and improve fuel economy by up to 3%.   Mirrors adjust based on current light conditions allowing drivers to see clearly even in pitch-black environments, reducing driver fatigue. Proximity lighting illuminates the curb side of the coach for passenger & driver safety.  Surround cameras give a complete view of the perimeter of the coach for security and safety. 

  • 56 Standard seating
  • 45' Length, overall
  • 314" Wheelbase
  • 102" Width, overall
  • 146" Height, overall
  • 77" Floor-to-ceiling height
  • 460 Ft3 underfloor capacity
  • Cloud One exclusive seating
  • Perimeter lighting
  • Prevost Driver Assist
  • Back-up camera
  • 360 surround cameras
  • Multimedia entertainment system
  • Enclosed parcel racks
  • eMirrors
  • Auxiliary heater