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Prevost 100th

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The All-New H3-45

#1 driver
Redesigned passenger
The Ultimate Ride Icon

For nearly a century, Prevost has been driven by a relentless commitment to excellence at every level.

That’s why we strive to deliver the ultimate ride for passengers, drivers, and your peace of mind, every time. Now, that commitment has delivered the next heir in our strong lineage: The redesigned H3-45. Revamped, remastered and revitalized, this is the ultimate ride, refined.

Ultimate power &
fuel efficiency

Powerful, efficient and clean

The all-new H3-45 offers our sleekest profile with added benefits. Including 5% greater fuel efficiency, a nearly 50% reduction in wind noise in the driver area, and an overall smoother ride for everyone. Next generation Volvo D13 engine runs cleaner, providing fuel efficiency improvements. Powerful, best-in-class torque at low RPM.

12% greater fuel
-50% driver area
6% cleaner than EPA requirements

Drivers Prefer Prevost

Exceeding your expectations is a passion

All-new, full-color instrument cluster offers a convenient, centralized view with digital information at a glance. New luggage bay door dash indicator pinpoints any door that remains unsecured. Designed with a focus on ergonomics, our fully adjustable steering column promotes greater driver comfort, and reduced fatigue.

40% brighter LED
+70% wiper
Adaptable driver environment

An optimized
passenger experience

Exclusive comfort and style

The redesigned stair comes equipped with an updated handrail design, a larger, curved entranceway, and 300% brighter lighting. Our reimagined interiors provide better views, with fewer obstructions, thanks to an all-new window layout. Redesigned interior lighting with customizable RGB lighting options, provide an overall better passenger experience (includes Cleaning Mode to fully illuminate the cabin, for more efficient interior detailing). Prevost’s Cloud One seating combines style and comfort with uncompromising safety.

Redesigned spacious cabin
50% brighter cabin lighting
Luxurious Cloud One Seating

The All-New H3-45: What’s the industry saying?

"I think the level of change greatly reflects the level of anticipation, and I think they hit the nail right on the head. It's right on brand. It's contemporary and it's beautiful."

Sean O’Meara
Shamrock Charters

"I'm most in awe with this 12% in gains in fuel economy. That is going to put money back in our pocket instead of giving it away. And with that new curved front end, not only going up as well as around, it's just ingenious what they did with that."

Sander Kaplan
A Candies Coachworks

"That's what makes us proud to have Prevost, because of the fact that they're always there to help, in any problem that we have, with customer service."

Robert Saucedo
Carreras Tours

"The things they've done for the mechanics, the things they've done for the driver, this is next level stuff. You can't compare this to the other brands right now. They're going to have some catch up to do."

Joseph Gillis
NW Navigator Luxury Coaches

Ease of


Updated access points

Access to key components has never been easier. Driver side access door is 13% wider with additional improvements to protect the front junction box. A front access panel has been added to provide easy maintenance of key components assuring uptime and maintenance efficiency.

Revolutionizing the
driving experience

H3-45 new features

Cloud One Seating

  • 56 Standard seating
  • 45' Length, overall
  • 314" Wheelbase
  • 102" Width, overall
  • 146" Height, overall
  • 77" Floor-to-ceiling height
  • 460 Ft3 underfloor capacity
  • Cloud One exclusive seating
  • LED headlights
  • Volvo D13 Engine
  • Perimeter lighting
  • Prevost Driver Assist
  • Back-up camera
  • 360 surround cameras
  • Premium infotainment and sound system
  • Enclosed parcel racks
  • eMirrors
  • Auxiliary heater
  • RGB cabin lighting


New Features