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Prevost 100th

Clarisse's Journey
Mira Loma, California

Clarisse journeyed from the desert plains of western Texas, across the mountains and mesas of the American Southwest, following the iconic Route 10. Her travels brought her to Mira Loma, California, where customers, employees and special guests spent the day exploring Prevost's history, growth and innovations.

Prevost 100 - Mira Loma

Mira Loma, California

On March 14th, Prevost held a special gathering at its service center located at 3384 De Forest Circle in Mira Loma, inviting employees, customers, and local dignitaries. This event highlighted Prevost's history of innovation, presenting engaging exhibits that included the 1924 replica to illustrate the progression of creativity from its origins to the present. Participants were also offered the opportunity to tour luxury entertainer star and crew coaches provided by Encore Luxury Coaches.

Chynna Clarke, representing Assembly member Sabrina Cervantes, Moises Lopez-Sierra, representing Sen. Richard Roth, and board of director member Louie Tozser of the Jurupa Chamber, presented honorary plaques commemorating the milestone at the event. The event brought together valued customers, employees and friends to celebrate 100 years of Prevost.

“Prevost lives on based upon the trust that has been placed in us as a company. As customers, you have helped make us successful and allowed us to be here for the first 100 years.”

Kevin Dawson