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Prevost Uptime

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Protect your Coach for as little as $15 a day

A well-serviced vehicle is also more reliable and fuel-efficient, which promotes lowers total cost of ownership and reduced burden for the operator, allowing the focus to be placed on improving and growing the business.

Prevost offers recommended service intervals - Service At A Glance - as well as service agreement options - Prevost Uptime - to keep your vehicle in peak condition.

Service At A Glance

Our OEM-established maintenance intervals keep your vehicle in peak condition. For Prevost H3-45, X3-45 and Volvo 9700 model years 2011 and newer, follow this link to view your interval schedule.

Prevost Uptime

Take Prevost’s Service At A Glance one step further to give you the ultimate peace of mind with Prevost Uptime service agreements.

Prevost Uptime uses Service At A Glance intervals to schedule service that is planned and priced in advance giving you greater operational control and better visibility across your business – ultimately saving you time and money on administration.

With Prevost Uptime service agreements:

  • Maximize vehicle uptime while reducing unplanned stops
  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • Improve cost control and lower risks
  • Ease budgeting with fixed costs
  • Reduce administration
  • Provide higher vehicle residual value
  • Allow operators to focus on core business

For more information, contact Business Development Manager, Craig Heaton at [email protected].