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Prevost financial professionals have a long history of helping customers find creative and attractive financing options to suit their business needs.  They can offer a wide variety of lease and loan options. 

Operating Leases

Operating leases (commonly termed walk-away or fair market value leases) are a great value to be able to get into a Prevost easily and to fulfill long-term contracts while matching your revenue to expenses.  Have a set payment for a set term and at the end of the term you have choices:  1) buy the coach at fair market value; 2) return it and begin another lease with a new coach; 3) continue lease payment on the current equipment with another set term.

Prevost knows you need financing options and has worked with our finance partner, Volvo Financial Services, to make this a program suit your needs.  

Contact your Director of Financial Services or Regional Sales Manager for more information.

Jerry Doughty
Director of Financial Services (Western US)
Cell: 336-202-3666
Fax: 888-791-9379
Email: [email protected]