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Prevost Liaison

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Greater Connectivity, Safety and Efficiency

Prevost Liaison is the advanced internet-based fleet management service that keeps you in continuous contact with your motorcoaches and drivers, no matter where they are in the United States and Canada.



Special antennas on the coaches enable reliable communication with your fleet. Digital communications from the motorcoach are sent to a private network. The dispatcher accesses Prevost Liaison information through the internet and monitors the vehicle’s exact location within Prevost Liaison’s mapping system, while monitoring the performance of both motorcoach and its driver.


Prevost Liaison provides a range of value-adding tools designed to increase productivity, improve safety and reduce operational costs. Here are just some of the ways that Prevost Liaison can help you get the most from your fleet…

Features that can improve efficiency:

  • Monitors that track fuel used, distance traveled and the resulting mpg across various operating environments.
  • Monitors that track how safely the vehicle is driven. 
  • Easy-to-use reports detailing information you can use to improve your operational costs.

Features that can maximize uptime:

  • Continuous monitoring of a range of critical electronic systems on your motorcoach.
  • If a fault code is detected, Prevost Liaison transmits the information to Prevost Action Service System. PASS then contacts the dispatcher and/or driver.
  • Prevost Liaison’s Mileage Guide lets you find the most economical fuel stops en route.
  • Ability to administer fuel taxes online.

Logistics Services:

  • Follow a motorcoach along its route without requiring the driver to send a message.
  • Send location and time reports automatically when motorcoaches are stopped or back on the road.
  • Be notified automatically when a vehicle is close to its destination.
  • Keep abreast of arrivals based on notifications of equipment usage.

Location-Based Services:

  • Vehicle tracking can be done at any time, or on a set schedule.
  • Motorcoaches can send location data every 30 minutes for use in filing fuel taxes.
  • Location reports let you see the entire route history of each vehicle and view out-of-route mileage.
  • The Prevost Liaison Mileage Guide allows you to locate, display and save preferred routes, minimizing unnecessary mileage.