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Prevost 100th

Designed for Operational Efficiency


334.5" longest wheelbase for ultra smooth ride
11.1' overall height unmatched accessibility
10% fuel efficiency improvement

An Elevated Passenger Experience

With the longest wheelbase in the industry, the Prevost X-Series offers a remarkably smooth and comfortable ride and boasts unmatched accessibility with the lowest overall height in the industry ensuring easy access to a wide variety of locations. Its roomy entrance with convenient full-length, soft-touch handrails and short staircase makes for stress-free passenger boarding. The generous cabin floor-to-ceiling height provides the most spacious cabin environment in its class. When it comes to delivering an expansive yet relaxed long-distance travel environment, the Prevost X-Series is in a class of its own.

79.5" best in class cabin height
Stress Free short staircase for loading / unloading
15% more visibility offering greater passenger views

Unmatched Ease of Drivability

Ergonomically Friendly Driver's Environment

Employing a sophisticated “multiplexed” architecture, the Prevost driver’s environment provides the kind of long-distance comfort and fatigue-free operation that makes an all-day journey a pleasure. Prevost places frequently used controls such as cruise control, shifting, engine braking, horn actuation and electric sun visor adjustment on the steering wheel for easier driver access. A pneumatic steering column and ergonomically-angled steering wheel ensure that all gauges and indicators remain easily readable regardless of driver and steering-wheel position. The result is a driver’s environment designed to optimize intuitive operation, safety, and comfort.

Intuitive driver's cockpit
Largest luggage floorspace ft2 loading / unloading
Handling excellent handling with low center of gravity

Power & Fuel Efficiency

Designed for Power and Fuel Efficiency

The D13’s efficiency, power, and light weight improve operating costs while meeting, or even exceeding current EPA regulations. The 435hp engine delivers excellent low-end torque and responsiveness with minimal noise and vibration. Brushless alternators offer corrosion and debris resistance, provide up to an additional 50 amps, and operate at a higher maximum temperature. Plenty of room in the engine compartment makes maintenance easier and more cost efficient.

1M mile proven engine
Easy access with components spaced for maintenance
50hp increase with all-electric cooling system
Testimonial Video

"The X3-45 is the industry-leading bus, in our opinion."

Dave Leach, President & CEO

"After they've taken one road trip in it, they don't want to drive anything else. Hands down, the best." 

Hadley Boss-Fisher
Niagara Scenic Tours

"I can't say enough about their equipment. You know, it's the Cadillac of motorcoaches and we're proud to be one of their customers."

Randal Steelman, General Manager
Lone Star Coaches

"I can't say enough about Prevosts. My drivers like driving their buses the best and that's a big compliment."

Kristina Bouweiri, CEO
Reston Limousine
Bus Video

Full vision around the coach

Focused on increasing safety and maneuverability, Prevost’s optional Back-up or Surround Camera Systems take the driver guesswork out of backing up, parking in crowded areas, and maneuvering the vehicle. Weather resistant camera is resilient in all climate environments.


Handling Precision with Independent Suspension

Prevost’s optional independent suspension includes precisely-sized and tuned stabilizer bars on not only the front- but also the drive-axles. This design, engineered to complement the power steering, provides exceptional directional stability, confidence-inspiring road feel, and best-in-class handling precision.

Perimeter Lighting

Perimeter Lighting for Extra Security

Optional Perimeter or curb lighting can be installed on Prevost coaches to illuminate the area around the sides of the vehicle. Three lights on each side allow the driver to see the side of the coach in the mirrors and improve visibility for loading and unloading luggage bays at night.

  • 55 Standard seating
  • 45' Length, overall
  • 334" Wheelbase
  • 101.5" Width, overall
  • 134" Height, overall
  • 79.5" Floor-to-ceiling height
  • 380 Ft3 underfloor capacity
  • Cloud One exclusive seating
  • Perimeter lighting
  • Prevost Driver Assist
  • Back-up camera
  • 360 surround cameras
  • Multimedia entertainment system
  • Enclosed parcel racks
  • eMirrors
  • Auxiliary heater


X3-45 Bus