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Prevost 100th

About Prevost

A Legacy of Values

The Value of Heritage

Heritage is much more than history.  It's a legacy of values that are passed along from one generation of Prevost people to the next; from our birthplace in Sainte Claire, Quebec, to every facility we operate; and to each of our converter partners.

Our values are simple: an uncompromising commitment to quality, a drive for constant innovation and improvement, and dedication to safety and sustainability in every aspect of our business.

Our heritage is crafting the finest motorhomes in the world for those who appreciate the value of a solid foundation.

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1924 Eugene Prevost begins production & instills craftsmanship
1957 Martin Normand ownership brings innovation
2004 Volvo acquisition lends global synergies

Advantages of the Volvo Relationship

Volvo Relationship

Prevost is part of the Volvo Group, headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden. Through Volvo, Prevost has access to the financial strength, product development capabilities, and quality manufacturing technology from one of the world’s largest manufacturers of heavy-duty diesel engines, and the world’s second-largest motorcoach and transit bus manufacturing group.

Volvo recognizes a clear responsibility to reduce the environmental impact of its products and processes, and shares Prevost’s commitment to environmental stewardship. This dedication led to Prevost earning ISO 14001 certification for environmental management of its manufacturing and design operations.

Safety, another cornerstone of Volvo corporate values, has been a guiding principle since Volvo was founded in 1927. Over the years, a series of pioneering innovations has made Volvo a world leader in transportation safety.

The Volvo Group is one of the leading suppliers of commercial transport solutions, including trucks, buses, construction equipment, engines, drive systems for boats and industrial applications, and aircraft engine components.

Volvo Group Global
Volvo Group North America

#1 manufacturer heavy-duty diesel engines
2nd largest motorcoach & bus manufacturer globally
Innovation in safety, electromobility and product development