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Prevost 100th

Clarisse's Journey
Mississauga, Ontario 

Embarking on her epic journey across North America, Clarisse wove her way through the open plains of Saskatchewan and Manitoba, arriving at her next stop: Mississauga, Ontario. There in the vibrant pulse of city life, Clarisse was excited to meet customers, friends, and employees at our service center to celebrate Prevost's 100th anniversary.

Clarisse's Journey - Mississauga, ON

Mississauga, Ontario 

On April 18, Prevost hosted a special event for employees and customers at its service center at 7655 Tranmere Drive, Mississauga, Ontario, to celebrate 100 years of Prevost.

The celebration brought together customers, employees, and friends to explore a multimedia historical journey that highlighted the founding of Prevost and traced the company's growth and innovation through the decades. A highlight of the event was 'Clarisse,' a replica of the very first Prevost coach ever built by Eugène Prévost. 

Nikola Maric from the Mississauga Economic Development Office was present to commemorate this milestone event alongside valued customers, employees, and their families.

“Especially in the next a hundred years, so much innovation is going to happen. Congratulations on this significant milestone. May your next century be filled with continued success, growth, and prosperity." 

Nikola Maric