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A New Age in Commuting

X3-45 Commuter

Altoona test with outstanding results
12year certified for structural integrity
Proven results on one of the nation's toughest routes


Relaxing Commuting Environment

The X3-45 Commuter provides a smooth, quiet ride making passengers' commute comfortable with productive amenties such as 110V outlets, individual reading lights and climate control. Easy access with short entry steps and a wide entry door lead to a wide aisle.  The passenger cabin offers the most height in the industry and panoramic window views.

Compact entry steps for easy loading / unloading
79.5" floor to ceiling tallest cabin height
Wide aisle allows easy movement

Drivers Prefer Prevost

Ergonomically Designed Cockpit

Prevost took a page from automotive design when developing the message center displays, resulting in a substantially improved environment for the driver.  The advanced multiplex system was developed and tested to maximize operational efficiency and deliver outstanding performance. The reliable and user-friendly system features a multitude of benefits, including easier maintenance, faster troubleshooting, and quick and accurate diagnosis of problems with vital components.

Reliable proven on commuter routes for 12 years
Fast and easy troubleshooting
Ergonomic spacious cockpit reduces driver fatigue

Engine Reliability

Time-tested and Proven Engine

The globally proven Volvo D13 engine offers superior low-end performance with smooth, quiet operation. The D13's high fuel economy performance performs with nearly 1 mpg higher than other commuter coaches, all while exceeding EPA requirements.

Torque low-end torque offers excellent performance
Fully integrated electric fan drive
Smooth quiet interior and exterior operation
Testimonial Video

"After they've taken one road trip in it, they don't want to drive anything else. Hands down, the best." 

Hadley Boss-Fisher
Niagara Scenic Tours

"I can't say enough about Prevosts. My drivers like driving their buses the best and that's a big compliment."

Kristina Bouweiri, CEO
Reston Limousine

Easy to identify routes

Destination signs on the front and side announce your destinations throughout the route with a rolling display.  The rear sign can show the coach or route number.

Prevost Commuter

Wide door entry

Bi-fold doors open to allow for a wide entry and safe opening and closing on the curb.


Best way to start and finish your day

With the longest wheelbased in the industry, you can have a relaxing or productive commute with the smoothest ride.  Improved passenger views with amenities that provide passengers comfort for the beginning and end of each travel day.

  • 55 Standard seating
  • 45' Length, overall
  • 334" Wheelbase
  • 101.5" Width, overall
  • 134" Height, overall
  • 79.5" Floor-to-ceiling height
  • 380 Ft3 underfloor capacity
  • Cloud One exclusive seating
  • Perimeter lighting
  • Prevost Driver Assist
  • Back-up camera
  • 360 surround cameras
  • Multimedia entertainment system
  • Destination sign
  • eMirrors

X3-45 Commuter Highlights

Commuter Bus