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Prevost 100th

The Rise of the 
Motorhome Market

André Normand pours himself a piping hot cup of coffee as he sits down comfortably in a leather recliner, flipping through photos and reflecting. It's a typical scene, intimate and personal to André, one that is echoed across North America.

From the quiet corners of parks to the buzzing atmosphere of sporting events and concerts, there are countless others like him. Each person, in their own slice of the world, sipping their morning coffee, sitting in their Prevost. 

At the tender age of 22, André Normand ascended to the presidency of Prevost in 1968, succeeding his father, Paul Normand. Paul had sparked a transformative era of innovation and expansion, laying the groundwork for a future brighter than anyone could have imagined. With a clear vision, André did not merely lead the company; he revolutionized an entire industry.


One year after becoming president, André forged a company-altering partnership with two American businessmen, Thomas B. Harbison and William G. Campbell. The partnership was fortuitous and laid the groundwork for an entirely new “shell” market for Prevost.

Harbison and Campbell were longtime motorhome owners and played an instrumental role in the engineering of Prevost’s first LeMirage conversion shell in 1977. The LeMirage was originally created as an upscale, eye-catching, futuristic passenger coach for the tour and charter markets. Its features included roof-wrapping side windows, a rust-protected integrated frame, all stainless-steel fluted skirting, and fewer rivets than other coaches of the time.

Andre Normand William Campbell and Tomas Harbison

From left to right Thomas B. Harbison; André Normand and William G. Campbell

“Harbison and Campbell became my new mentors. They knew a lot about motorhomes. We decided that we were going to be at the very high end of the market, and for this, we could not build vehicles on a truck chassis that was too low. We decided to do that in the coach."

André Normand
Rise of the Motorhome

Production of the first motorhome on the assembly line in 1964. 

One of the first motorhomes; owned by renowned photographer George Hunter.

One of the first motorhomes; owned by renowned photographer George Hunter.

1977 Le Mirage

In 1977 Prevost unveiled the LeMirage, representing 22% of production output in the first year. By 1978, it represented 72% of Prevost's total production. 

Shortly after its commercial introduction, LeMirage was offered as a shell for motorhomes and corporate coaches. With its increased roof height and powertrain choices, door and window placement options, and detailed floorplans, Prevost captured the attention of conversion firms, leading to long-lasting partnerships in the motorhome and entertainer industries.

Prevost’s first conversion partner was Liberty Coach. In 1979, Liberty debuted its inaugural conversion at the annual Family Motorcoach Association (FMCA) convention. It received an overwhelmingly positive response and generated record-breaking orders.

The LeMirage model continued to make Prevost history and, with the coach and motorhome markets combined, became the company’s best-selling coach ever.

In 1978, Prevost approaches Liberty Coach as its first converter partner. The following year, Liberty delivered its first conversion.

Liberty partners with Prevost and produces its first LeMirage conversion in 1979.

“From the days of André Normand, when he built the first shell for the motorhome market, to the various leaders of the Prevost organization and the staff members, that got us to where we are in the marketplace.” 

Steve Zeigler

The motorhome business continues today with the best conversion companies in North America. Our five premier converter partners – Emerald Luxury Coaches, Featherlite Coaches, Liberty Coach, Marathon Coach and Millennium Luxury Coaches – continue to elevate the Prevost brand and provide the luxury interiors customers now identify with a Prevost motorhome.

That collaboration, the intimacy with customers, and working to provide a structure that can match any customer desire is where Prevost stands out. And this has built a loyal following.

“As we start a transition into the future for the next generation, it’s exciting to see how they can take that culture, that innovation, and just continue to move Prevost forward in this very fun, energetic, luxury motorhome market.” 

Steve Zeigler

Since 2014, Prevost has sponsored the Prevost Motorhome Expo, an all-Prevost show focused on sales, education, and the Prevost lifestyle. Each year, hundreds of people gather to learn, shop, and, most importantly, connect with others.

Steve Zeigler, vice president of North America Bus Shell Division for Prevost, explains that it’s not just the motorhome market that Prevost has dominated. “Prevost is a dominant provider of product into the entertainer market. In that market, our product has become an aspirational brand.”

From the drivers to the backstage crew, the most prominent figures in entertainment, sports, and even presidents, have chosen Prevost as their home away from home.

Prevost introduces the long wheelbase XL-45 for traveling entertainers and outsells all competitive models.

In 1994, Prevost introduced the long wheelbase XL-45 for traveling entertainers and outsold all competitive models.

2013 Prevost becomes The Official Luxury Motorcoach of NASCAR.

In 2013 Prevost became The Official Luxury Motorcoach of NASCAR.

“What makes the success of our Prevost motorhome is really quality, fit, and finish, and the prestige of driving a Prevost. I have to tell you, our customers are not going unnoticed when they're driving a Prevost, they truly feel like rock stars,” says François Tremblay, president of Prevost.

After leading the company through decades of strategic expansion and growth, André did something he’d always dreamed of. He purchased his own Prevost. For the next 20 years, he and his wife traveled Canada and the United States.

“My greatest dream was that one day when somebody comes with a Prevost model on the parking ground or a gathering place, everybody would look at him and wish they would have one,” says André Normand.

With Prevost luxury conversion motorhomes and entertainer coaches crisscrossing the country, André’s vision has been accomplished.