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Prevost 100th

Richard Prévost: 
Shaping the Future 
by Honoring the Past

Eugène Prévost, the founder of Prevost, has a rich history of children and grandchildren who have contributed to Prevost in its 100-year history. One of those grandchildren is Richard Prévost.

Richard spent years making his own career path, working in transport and customs for other companies. Then, in a bold move, he expressed interest in joining Prevost. In 2018 his cousin, Marco, reached out to him about an opportunity at Prevost in transport and customs. The timing was right, and with his family supporting him, Richard returned to work for a company that was part of his family’s story.  

Richard Prevost

Richard's connection to his grandfather, Eugène, whom he never met, is inspired by his father René’s cherished stories, which were documented in a biography that took 15 years of research in various archives and exclusive interviews with those who knew Eugène Prévost or worked with him.

The story that stands out about his grandfather is from the late ‘40s/early ‘50s and illustrates the dedication to quality that shapes Prevost’s DNA today. “What he needed to get out of the factory was perfection, and that's the way it was back then. It's still the same today,” Richard explains. “It's the quality of the product and the quality of the people.”

“That's the DNA of our company, make the best quality on the market. And it's been that way for a number of years, and it's going to be for years to come.”

Richard Prévost

“Each time I come into the Prévost house, I give him a hug and I give him a kiss,” Richard says, gesturing to a life-size photo of his grandfather. “Unfortunately, I never met my grandfather. We missed each other by a year but my father always talked to me about his father being a genius.”

The stories passed down from generation to generation are all he has. Stories that ended up changing history – not just for himself but for his entire family. Even today with his son, Nicolas, who joined Prevost in 2023 working in the paint department. 

Richard sees a future filled with innovation for Prevost.

“Today we're 100 years later and we're still building buses based on the same ingenuity. The same creativity that Eugène had back then.”

Richard is confident Prevost's innovative spirit will lead the way and he’s proud to be part of the journey.