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Prevost 100th

Industry Leaders

The United Motorcoach Association's Motorcoach Expo in Raleigh, N.C., attracted industry leaders and management from across the country. The event showcased expert-led presentations, discussions, and workshops, providing insights and strategies for business growth.


Prevost UMA 2024

Prevost was proud to sponsor keynote speaker Marty Smith, a renowned sports journalist from ESPN. 

"What you guys do. Every single person in this room, y'all have created tremendous memories for millions of people, but you're really in the dream business. Let's focus on those dreams. And thank you guys for providing them for so many."

Marty Smith

The expo booth continued Prevost's centennial celebration, which included an exhibit showcasing Prevost's evolution, featuring the replica of the 1924 wooden coach "Clarisse," illustrating the company's rich history.