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Prevost 100th

Marco Prévost: 
Wearing Prevost With Pride

For Marco Prévost, a name signifies everything: the past, his family, and the future. He is the grandson of Eugène Prévost, Prevost’s founder. As the longest tenured member of the Prévost family to work for the company, Marco takes great pride in contributing to his family's legacy through his current role as a product manager.

“My first day at Prevost was a dream for me. Over the years, the brand has grown and it's a name that means something and it's my name. I’m very proud of that.”

Marco Prévost

Marco began his career in 1998, working in the Prevost engineering department. After a decade, he relocated to the United States. There, he worked at Volvo Trucks North America in North Carolina, followed by a move to assist with opening the Prevost Service Center in Winter Garden, Florida. In 2020, he returned to Sainte-Claire, Quebec, his hometown, to begin his current role as a product manager for Prevost.

Marco's position, which involves overseeing product planning for future environmental standards and new technologies, is deeply enriched by his family history and the varied positions he has held throughout his 26-year career. This unique blend of experiences has allowed him to witness and contribute to the company’s evolution.

“My grandfather started the business in 1924,” Marco explains. “We still have the same culture he implemented. We pursue quality and approach things with a customer mindset because we view our customers as our partners.”

Marco reminisces about his favorite memories while sitting in his grandfather’s house, which has been transformed into the Prevost Museum in Sainte-Claire, Quebec. He fondly touches a shiny metal staircase handrail.

"My grandmother lived here until the early nineties. I visited often and my favorite pastime was sliding down this handrail, which my grandfather made." 

The combination of the shiny metal and rich, dark-stained wood is a signature design trait of Eugène Prévost. For years, Eugène brought these classic elements together in his buses. The Prevost 1942 Suburbain was one of the last wood-bodied buses built before the company transitioned to all-metal models. It was this shift that differentiated Prevost in the marketplace.   

With a tattoo on his forearm, Marco literally wears his family pride on his sleeve. In black ink, his grandfather’s signature is displayed as his own personal mark, and he gladly shows it off to whomever he meets.

"The next 100 years are promising," Marco predicts. "It’s the quality of our vehicles that will take us to another level, and they'll help us reach new heights in the next 100 years, I'm sure."