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Prevost 100th

Driving Success:
Women Leaders in Operations

Jessica Fournier Couture, Anne-Sophie Boisvert-Guilbault, and Anne-Marie Lemieux reflect on the 100-year legacy of Prevost from their unique viewpoint — on the production line.  

As part of the many women who contribute to Prevost's rich history daily, with their steel-toed boots, safety glasses, and safety vests, these women wear their gear with pride, embodying strength and resilience. Shaped by their individual journey with Prevost, they share their perspective.  

Women In Ops

Anne-Sophie Boisvert-Guilbault, plant director, has been with Prevost for a year. Her role requires collaboration among various teams to ensure production targets, quality standards, and safety regulations are met.  

“For me, for Prevost to turn 100, it shows it's a strong company that has evolved over time, with an evolving economy but also evolving customer demand.”

Anne-Sophie Boisvert-Guilbault

Jessica Fournier Couture, production supervisor, has been with Prevost for a year and a half. In her role, she guides and coaches employees, monitors productivity, and oversees equipment and maintenance. Originally from Bellechasse, her pride in contributing to Prevost and being a part of the company shines through.

“What I like about working at Prevost is being close to people, being able to collaborate with many departments around production and being able to complete a quality product and participate in all of that.” 

Jessica Fournier Couture

Anne-Marie Lemieux, production manager, has been part of the Prevost team for eight years and reflects on the progress she has seen during her time with Prevost.  

"This is a lot of experience and progress that the company's made. I truly believe that with the team we have in place, the upcoming projects, and the quality of products, we're good for another 100 years to come.”

Anne-Marie Lemieux

Together these women in operations collectively contribute every day to delivering quality products across North America. They take pride in being integral parts of both the process and the team, bringing with them the collaborative spirit and excellence that define us.