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8 June 2021

Prevost Participates In First-ever Busworld Na Digital Summit Event

(June 8, 2021, Ste. Claire, QC) Prevost participated last week in the first-ever Busworld North America Digital Summit with contributions on the Top Executive Panel, a session focused on helping motorcoach operators “Get Back to Business,” and a training on preventive anti-virus measures. Prevost also served as a gold sponsor for the event.

The Top Executive Panel featured industry leaders who discussed the state of the motorcoach industry, what the future looks like, and what we can expect in the coming months and years. “It’s going to take some time to get back to pre-covid levels,” said François Tremblay, general manager for Prevost. “For Prevost, the name of the game is to maintain the value of our equipment over time to help secure our customers’ equity, while also supporting the restart of their businesses and operations.”

Prevost leaders Kevin Dawson, VP and general manager of services, and Brad Wiese, VP of North American sales hosted “Get Back to Business,” an info-sharing session geared to help operators get back on the road with everyday business solutions. “We have developed a whole host of solutions in response to the pandemic specifically for our operators as they return to normal,” said Dawson. “We ran toward our customers to help them figure out how to recover, and we will continue to remain focused on our customers.”

These solutions include Prevost’s short-term leasing and rental programBlock of HoursPrevost Uptime preventive maintenance contracts, and the Ready to Go program, a package of pre-designed and customizable marketing tools for operators to adapt for their businesses. “We took every step we could to protect the value of our product and to provide the tools and resources operators need to get our industry back up and running,” said Wiese. The full “Get Back to Business” presentation is available for review here.

Robert Hitt, director of aftermarket training for Prevost co-hosted a presentation on Preventive Anti-Virus Measures where he covered the Prevost Clean+Care program, a complete package of solutions available to support operators in keeping coach occupants safe, as well as Prevost’s EnviroCare.

EnviroCare is a dual ionization system that sanitizes and cleans the air and surfaces in coaches through the air and climate system. “With EnviroCare, we can ensure the air and surfaces in the entire coach, including those hard to reach places, will be sanitized,” said Hitt. A proven technology used in home and automotive applications globally, EnviroCare supports motorcoach operators in providing a safe environment and boosting confidence for group travel.

To learn more about Prevost’s complete product and services offering, visit

210608 Prevost Busworld