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Prevost H3-45 Coach

4 February 2020

Prevost Launches Driver Assist Electronics Suite For Peace-of-mind

Prevost has launched the most advanced driver safety assistance suite in the motorcoach industry, Prevost Driver AssistTM. The electronic system works with the driver to mitigate challenging situations, including lane departure and potential frontal incidents. Its heads-up display is the industry’s first.

The system includes adaptive cruise control with braking, following distance alerts – both available since 2011 as Prevost Aware – and adds frontal collision mitigation, stationary vehicle braking, lane departure warning and a dash integrated heads-up display.

Prevost Driver Assist is available as an option on all 2021 models and can be retrofit on coaches with ABS8 - back to model year 2018.

“Along with our operators, we are totally engaged in improving the safety of every Prevost motorcoach ride,” said François Tremblay, Prevost Vice President/General Manager. “We know that drivers are at the center of safety, so we integrated Prevost Driver Assist to do just that – help drivers before intervening. Drivers have told us this gives them a real peace-of-mind and confidence.

 “As an example of that approach, Prevost Driver Assist is based on a series of escalations. In the event of a situation, the driver first receives a subtle alert. If the situation continues, the alert becomes more urgent with a louder sound and brighter visual warnings. If the driver still has not alleviated the situation, then Prevost Driver Assist intervenes. It’s a true joint effort between the skilled driver and the vehicle.”

Prevost Driver Assist Components

Prevost Driver Assist fully integrates radar, camera, braking and driver communications technologies for motorcoach applications, offering:

  • Frontal Collision Mitigation
  • Stationary Vehicle Braking
  • Lane Departure Warning
  • Adaptive Cruise Control with Braking
  • Following Distance Alerts

Prevost Driver Assist also fully integrates with the coach’s standard anti-lock braking and stability control programs. The data from these technologies all work together, constantly gathering and sharing information and then acting when needed.

Prevost H3-45 Coach